Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer

Unlike most trade tools on the web, our trade analyzer looks at your ENTIRE ROSTER. Comparing only the players involved in the trade ignores crucial information about the rest of your players that can completely change whether or not a trade is right for your team.

RotoTrade's Trade Analyzer also takes into consideration your league's scoring (PPR vs. NON-PPR), player injuries, Flex positions and more. And if you're in a Dynasty League, we take into account whether your strategy is "win now" or "rebuilding", and also allow for Draft Picks to be included in the trade analysis!

How it works:

1. Enter your team's entire roster, including bench players...

Screenshot of the Add Team page

2. Select the players you're giving and getting in the potential trade...

Screenshot of the Choose Players page to determine players involved in the potential trade.

3. Get full trade analysis...

Screenshot of the Trade Analysis page

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