Trade Analyzer

Our fantasy football Trade Analyzer allows you to quickly choose the players (or draft picks) involved in a potential trade. Using our custom value system, we value the assets on both sides of the trade and recommend whether or not you should make the deal.

1 QB
2 QB/Superflex
Package Adjustment ON
Package Adjustment OFF
People sometimes load up one side of a trade with multiple assets to try and equal the value of the more valuable side. The Package Adjustment helps offset that by adding to the overall value of the side with less assets. We recommend having this option turned ON, as it usually gives a more realistic view of a trade.



What is a Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer?

A fantasy football trade analyzer (aka calculator) is a tool that allows you to choose the players that you'd be giving up and also the players that you'd be receiving in a hypothetical trade. It's simply a way to get another opinion about a possible trade before you decide to make it (or not make it). Another term mentioned often when it comes to trade analyzers is "sanity check." In other words, people are generally biased toward their players so it helps to see what an impartial party thinks about the trade.

What makes RotoTrade's Fantasy Football Trade Calculator so popular?

RotoTrade's Fantasy Football trade calculator uses a constantly-updated player value system to weigh both sides of a trade and gives analysis and a recommendation of whether or not to make the trade. Each player has separate values for both redraft leagues and dynasty leagues, meaning our tool is also a dynasty trade calculator, if that's your preferred type of league. We also show you a GIF as an instant reaction to any proposed trade. Aside from the valuable info our trade analyzer provides, it's super easy to use and is completely free.

Is RotoTrade's Trade Analyzer accurate?

Just like how experts are sometimes wrong about real-life trades in professional sports, online trade analyzers, including ours, can of course be wrong sometimes. However, we like to think our trade analyzer is one of the most accurate trade analyzers out there thanks to our player value system that is updated constantly throughout the season, as well as throughout the offseason for Dynasty players.

Things to Consider when Making a Fantasy Football Trade

Do not always make a trade where the value on the "getting" side is better than what you are giving. Why? Because your full roster matters. For example, if you are extremely strong and deep at running back, but concerningly weak at wide receiver, you should absolutely consider trading one of your running backs for a wide receiver of similar, possibly even less, value, because it would make sense based on how your full roster is structured. Our trade analzyer is simply one piece of the puzzle when weighing all the pros & cons of a potential trade.