About RotoTrade

Our fantasy football trade analyzer gives the most detailed trade analysis on the internet. Most importantly, our fantasy trade analysis is based on your team’s FULL roster (including your bench players). Most other trade analyzers look ONLY at the players involved in the trade. How can you accurately analyze a fantasy football trade without knowing every player on the team? It's simple; you can’t.

Depth at each position is incredibly important information when analyzing any fantasy football trade. If the person or website giving you advice only analyzes the players involved in the trade, you simply can't trust the advice you’re getting. That’s why we ask you to enter your ENTIRE team. And since RotoTrade lets you save your teams, you only have to enter them once! That allows you to easily analyze as many trades as you want, over and over during the course of the season (or year round if you play Dynasty), using your saved teams.

In addition to our Trade Analyzer, we offer a Team Analyzer tool that gives you an overall Team Score, your percent chance of making your league's playoffs, position-by-position analysis, recommendations on what to do with your team, positional grades and more!

And don't forget to check out our players rankings when making those tough sit/start decisions. We provide rankings for the upcoming week's games, the rest of the season and for dynasty leagues (both for "win now" teams and rebuilding teams).

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